1 & 2. Learning to knit, 3. Fresh flowers, 4. A seed pod explosion on our nature table.

There was a quiet moment this afternoon when chores and work were done. When Dada was out with the younger two and Master Eight and myself were home alone. In that moment I suggested I teach him to knit.

With bamboo needles and cotton yarn in hand, I took him through the steps, which he followed in an uncertain and wonky fashion. Knitting is a great way to deepen patience. By both practising the gentle art of knitting, and by teaching it. But with patience and perseverance, we continued. His ambitions flowed forth. Perhaps he will make a scarf for teddy? And then a scarf for himself? And then he wants to learn more stitches, and perhaps a cable pattern? And when he is older he will knit for his own family. His thoughts ran away with him as I picked up his dropped stitches.

I sat beside him and working on my blanket, reassured him that it wasn't a race. That one knits for pleasure as much as for the finished product and by concentrating on every single stitch he would end up with something he was proud of.

Needless to say, I was proud already.

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