1. Handknit socks from the craft cottage at Logan Village, 2. The suns rays as it dips down in the late afternoon, 3. A most delightful collection of clouds

It's a funny thing when wishes come true. A surreal, 'pinch me' feeling has been my companion this week. Like, everything is so much better than it should be, surely something will go wrong. I'm generally prone to that 'touch wood' feeling when things are going right, but this time instead of waiting for a negative, I have been embracing the positives. This wish has been a long time coming.

We are officially, unofficially, homeschoolers. Yesterday we celebrated our first-week homeschooling. What a relief it has been to leave the struggles and anxiety of school mornings behind us! No more last minute lunch boxes, early morning homework, and teary, anxious goodbyes. Instead, we have had slow, free mornings and days filled with our choices. I feel like we have squeezed several weekends into this last week already, as we have lived, created, explored, experimented and adventured together. It was terrifying at first to take the plunge, but the relief is palpable.

Our days are full, yet relaxed. My focus is on interest lead learning, in addition to short daily lessons in writing and math. We have begun the slow journey to deschooling, building trust and connection between parents and children. I am getting to know my children more deeply that I had before, despite years of attachment parenting. 

Learning with my children this week has been a gift. I am keeping a journal of our educational pursuits, and the moments when the children surprise me with questions, answers or observations far above what I would have imagined possible at their ages.

At times my three little ones irritate each other. They squabble and fight, and irritate me too. And yet, they are learning to spend more time together. They are reminded how to share, be kind, be thoughtful. And they are looking out for each other, reaching out to each other, and communicating in new ways.

So, pinch me and knock on wood! Here's to many more joyous weeks homeschooling my three dear babes.  


  1. I admire your courage to take the plunge and it sounds like it has all been worth it. My heart aches for this too but always so fearful. Thank you for sharing and please keep doing so! Best wishes in your journey­čî▒

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. It has been so worth it. Everything feels more 'right' than it has in a long time. I felt the same fears and lack of confidence in myself, but I kept reading about homeschooling and unschoolingf for years, then I started listening to Pam Laricchia's podcast and I couldn't ignore my gut anymore and I decided to take the plunge. There are so many free resources available, and by knowing my children and building their studies around their interests, I know they will succeed and learn with joy. xx