Nature Studies

I found a post sitting in drafts that sums up much of our weekly nature study adventures.

Mama packs a basket with water, snacks, nature journal and paints. The children pack their backpacks with toys, dolls, sketchbooks and pens. After a little wander we unroll a picnic blanket and snack while documenting the flora and fauna around us. Ducks, lizards, water lilies, freshwater mussel shells, 'santa clause' seeds, feathers, leaves. We observe, discuss, record.

And for a little while, a peacefulness descends. They are in tune with nature and each other, exploring their creativity and really studying what is around them. Eventually the spell is broken and the squabbling begins again. I was sitting there/ he stole my pen/ she ate my food/ don't touch my bag! 

Ah, the realities of parenting. But still, those peaceful nature study moments keep me coming back for more. 

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