1. Pink afternoon light, 2. designing our own constellations, 3. homeschool cat, 4. matching pictures, words and letters, 5. in bloom in the garden

Be careful what you wish for. After a busy week I mentioned to my husband one morning that I wanted a home day with the children, but that we had several things planned. My eldest woke up with tummy pains. Automatic home day!

I really needed a home day. Despite trying to slow down and live intentionally I always feel like I am trying to catch up on something. The groceries that I didn’t get to do one afternoon because my husband was working late and my children were too tired to drag around the shops. A mountain of laundry when we have had a few days out and about. A basket full of tomatoes waiting to be preserved. The daily necessities seem so time consuming at times that I wonder how we have much time for anything else. But then I write my notes in our natural learning journal, or I look back through the photos I have taken and I notice that between the dishes, laundry, groceries, cleaning and cooking, much was taking place. We have followed the children’s interest in constellations, visited the library, read several picture books and a non-fiction book,  listened to two audio books in the car (The BFG and Grimms Fairy Tales - I would recommend both), played games, taken nature walks and spent time with friends.

My to-do list remains unchecked, but I think I should write our other achievements on there anyway and tick them off. :)

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