Whenever we travel we play the 'imagine if we lived here' game and daydream about what our home and lives would look like in our new surroundings. An apartment in the City. A shack by the beach. A cottage in the country. Would we settle in easily or have to contract or expand ourselves in our new spaces. What would be different? Better? Worse? It's a fun game to play, but it is always so nice to come home after our travels that such thoughts are quickly forgotten.

More and more often lately I have been having those 'imagine if we lived here' thoughts about buying more land away from suburbia. Even just two acres with a little dam and some native bush.  A wrap around balcony. An orchard. A huge veggie patch. A 'tree change'. Unfortunately, finances and commute time for my husband doesn't allow for such daydreams to come true at present. And were my husband's dreams to come true, they would not involve more land and animals, but rather a property that backed onto a golf course! 

Still, unfulfilled longings can be quite frustrating and I probably don't help myself with my choice of reading material! Lately, I have been reading 'A year in the Valley' by Jackie French, 'A wood of one's own' by Ruth Pavey and the visual candy of 'Country Style' magazine. All rather romantic tree change enablers. Also not helping my tree change longing is that a friend and her family have recently moved to their own 20-acre tree change close to the beach. Happy sigh. We spent an enriching and rejuvenating day with them recently exploring their land and breathing in their horses. It was wonderful.

To while away the time when I was sick in bed recently I spent some time (a lot of time) looking at real estate sites and trying to find the perfect acreage that would suit all our needs. I found it. I even drove past it, slowly. But the time for such things is not now. So what to do except bloom where I am planted? There was a time when I longed for the home and land we now have. A time when I was pregnant with our second child, pulling up the carpet in this house in an effort to get the renovations completed so we could move in. I'm so grateful for all we have. I get to do all the things I want to do - spending my days with my children, making and selling jewellery, writing, reading, drawing, crafting, gardening. And though I long for more space, more quiet, more nature and more animals, my cup is pretty full with all I have.

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