A new family member

Introducing Miles, a reserved little chap who's had quite a tumultuous start to life, ending up at the pound, being rescued and fostered, and now coming to live with us in his forever home. He's wary of men, frightened of raised voices and spent the first few days mostly hiding under our bed. But this resilient little fellow is coming out of his shell now and everyone has fallen in love with him. He is a ridgeback cross, possibly kelpie, and is 8-12 months old. He doesn't bark or dig, is mostly not interested in the chickens and cat, but has nibbled his way through an electrical cable, a book, a skirt, and the edge of the sheet that overhung the bed... (He'll grow out of that, right?! We have brought him several dog toys!)

Still, a small price to pay for such a beautiful new family member.


Adopted through Precious Paws.

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