Farm Week

My six-year-old daughter dreams of growing up and owning a farm and horses. Emerson is all about her horse riding lessons, learning about animals and growing plants. She constructs stories with her plastic horse figurines and builds stables and barns on Minecraft. We read books about farmers, farms and animals, pot up seeds and seedlings, take holidays at farm stays. Recently we visited all the animals at the Mount Gravatt show and have our own menagerie of chickens, Golden Apple water snails and our darling old cat. She wants to start an animal club and spends her time drawing animal after animal. (How I adore children's drawings.)

This week, affectionately dubbed 'farm week', we dove deeper into Emerson's passion with two farm visits. (Should I mention that it is a shared passion and that I have no problem at all driving an hour to spend time on acreage surrounded by plants and animals?! No doubt you guessed that already!) At Chantilly farm, there was a pet piglet, hydroponic lettuce to plant, empty pots to fill, edible flower orders to be picked and goats to meet. Farmer Bec was full of joy and passion as she explained the ins and outs of the farm to the children.

Today we bottle fed baby goats at Naughty Little Kids farm, before being given the chance to milk a goat and watch a goat milk cheese making demonstration. The boy's highlight of the day was the gelato tasting, and we supported the farmers with our many purchases... :)

Emerson has informed me that she is interested in learning about pigs next, having her own veggie patch, and learning more about plants. Sounds perfect to me. xx

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