Stepping back in time

1. Horsing around, 2. Sweet old style toys, 3. The group learning about the Mayes family, 4. Native Blue-banded bee nests, 5. Bush turkey mound

We have visited Mayes cottage previously, but this time we went with our homeschool group and were treated to a tour of the house and grounds, as well as demonstrations of milking and making butter. The children played with hobby horses, horseshoe toss and hula hoops and tried to imagine a time before phones and electricity. A time when people bartered their goods and made do with what they could grow, build or make.

This time my fascination lay with the fruiting trees on the property. Very old macadamia trees had dropped their nuts, and self seeded Brazialian cherry bushes were in fruit. Several guava trees were also in fruit, but not yet ripe, and we were invited back to pick our share once they were ready. We filled our pockets with nuts and cherry seeds, which I have since planted out. And I was thrilled to see the nests of native blue banded bees on the old slab hut. 

In homeschooling my children I feel like I am back at 'school' again too. I am learning about the world and our history all over again, alongside them.

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