Homemade Basil Pesto

1. Bunches of homegrown Basil, 2. Picking leaves with the children, 3. Basil Pesto, 4. Emmy's flowers, 5. Macadamia nuts

Generally, Monday is our nature study day. That had been my intention, but we were sidetracked by a visit to a second-hand bookstore, where we exchanged some unwanted books and ended up with twice as many more. After our purchases had been made, I took the children to a park to play, but they were too busy reading their new books to step foot out of the car. Who was I to argue? I took them home via the library, where we returned our books and borrowed even more. 

A street from our home a large Macadamia tree overhangs the footpath. We paused to pick up some nuts from the long grass before returning home for more reading time. This afternoon we spent time in the garden hanging the laundry, weeding the veggie patch, planting baby spinach and broccoli seedlings and checking in on the quails. The chickens joined us to eat the weeds, and the cat joined us out of curiosity. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. 

I noticed our basil plant was bursting with leaves and flowers and set to work harvesting them before it was too late. The children helped me pick the leaves off the branches, which we then washed and tossed in a food processor with pine nuts, garlic and olive oil. These three jars of homemade pesto may not be much, but they will make several delicious meals for us as a pasta sauce with a little gnocchi, or spooned on to chicken breasts wrapped in pastry.

Books, gardening and pesto. What a wonderful Monday!

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