Rainy Day Art Play

Dark grey clouds and sheets of rain made for cozy inside play today. This morning, after checking on the quails and letting out the chickens, the children amused themselves with Lego and built a blanket and pillow fort. I read them some Bedtime Maths and we watched some Mystery Science clips - how broken bones heal and how hand sanitizer works, from the comfort of a pile of pillows. Later, I read some picture books from our library basket. A sweet and timely book, Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn, followed by The Iridescence of Birds, which is particularly charming and inspiring. It actually inspired our art project for the day. I retrieves paper plates and a shoe box fulls of tubes of paint paints and we started work on our own plates, reminicent of the ones Henri Matisse's mother paints in the book.

This afternoon we brought out our umbrellas and splashed in puddles until the rain eased off. We weeded the garden together and discovered several insects. Mis Six played with a spray bottle and counted the squirts, unintentionally skip counting in threes (for the win!).

Now the sun is shining and we are joining family for dinner. Good days indeed. xx

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