The last time we went camping was disastrous. One word - gastro. It has been several years since we attempted to camp again recently. I think our expectations were rather low when we signed up for the Unschooling Camp at Cob and Co Nine Mile camping grounds, but we were willing to give it another try. And oh, how wonderful it was! We stayed in a 'glamp' which was all sorts of wonderful. A tent - with beds, carpet, a door, and LED lights! - complete with deck, table and chairs and a BBQ. We made fires out front and roasted marshmallows, stunned by the brilliance of the starry sky above us. 

We stomped around the wet earth in our gumboots after all the rain of late, and the camp dog alternated between following us and having us follow him. There were horse and carriage rides, puddles to stomp in, time to draw in my nature journal, time to read inside the tent while it rained, rock pools to explore just up the road, and so many varieties of mushrooms and fungi that I could have stayed several weeks trying to document them all. 

We panned for gold at the Gympie museum without luck, then wandered through the old school house, the slab hut, the enormous shell collection and the blacksmith's workshop.And it felt good. No, it felt great, to be with my most beloved people enjoying a change of pace while coating one another with mosquito repellant. 

We are already planning our next such adventure.

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