Hello Autumn

1. Geisha Girl and lemons, 2. A morning of mushrooms, 3. String wrapped cardboard leaf decorations, 4. Dining room hutch, 5. Yellow mushrooms in our pot plant, 6 & 7. Pops of colour, 8. Free ranging, 9. 5 eggs a day, 10. Garden visitors, 11. Beautiful weeds. 12. A few of our girls, 13. Easter Cassia - a lovely looking weed overhanging our fence, 14. Yellow petals, 15. Quail spotting.

We have been welcoming the many charms of Autumn. One morning we awoke to our yard covered in mushrooms, unlike anything we had seen before. The cooler nights and mornings mean I am lighting candles again - such a simple, calming act. There is the scent of damp earth and wet leaves. Porridge for breakfast. Autumn books and crafts. Knitting and crochet projects rediscovered. And seemingly more time to snuggle up on the couch and read with my children.

I have so many plans for Autumn. A holiday by the beach, a ferry trip to a historic convict island, a finished shawl, a new jewellery collection, and a pile of books on my night stand. But for now I am happy just to be noticing the changes in my garden and unpacking my cooler weather clothes.

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