1 & 2. Early morning drawing, 3. Invitation to play, 4. Joining in to make my own 'ant', 5. A tidied up Nature Table, 6. Corners of our home

Do you ever have that feeling, when you have free time, that there is something you 'ought' to be doing? That the fact you actually have free time means you have probably forgotten something? I do. A lot. And it is happening more frequently since we began homeschooling and 'slow' has been adopted into the rhythm of our days. What a funny feeling to have. Busy was so normal that slow is taking some getting used to. I don't imagine my toddler wonders when he has free time, 'yes, but what am I supposed to be doing?' He just follows his interests, his joy, he plays. I am trying to shake off this strange feeling and enjoy our unscheduled times.

This is the gift that I wanted for my children. Time to play, explore and follow their interests. How funny to realise that this means I too have more time!

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