Summer, eggs and books

 1. George in the Summer morning light, 2. Blue the chicken and the red wagon the chickens love drinking from, 3. Six eggs a day again, 4. Homeschool book sale haul

I'm trying so hard to appreciate Summer. But these long hot days are becoming a little tiresome. The flies, the heat rash, the constant suncream application! I'm much more an in between weather person. Give me Spring or Autumn any day! Still, we have been swimming with friends, making frozen yogurt ice blocks, playing with the sprinkler under the trampoline, and trying to make the most of the season. I still can't wait for some cooler mornings though...

Meanwhile, one of our six chickens has been escaping on a daily basis for the last week or two. We let our feathered girls our of their run each morning to free range in the backyard, but one black chicken named Heather had bigger ideas. We kept trying to find and block her escape route. But there she would be once again, wandering around the front yard, or in one of our neighbours yards. I was concerned least she get hit by a car or meet a dog in her travels. Yesterday, our new neighbour popped his head over the fence to let me know that one of our chickens had laid six eggs under his front stairs, and did we want them back?! I said he was welcome to them and explained that we were trying to find where she was escaping. I'd even cut her wing feathers so she couldn't fly. I think I have found her last escape point, where she was jumping on to the hose tap and jumping through a gap in the fence. This morning I didn't let them out of their run until afternoon, after they had all laid, in order to try and get her in the habit of laying in our nesting boxes again. It worked, there were six eggs and she didn't leave the yard this afternoon. So fingers crossed she doesn't find another way out.

Today we went to our first Homeschool book sale at an old hall. I ignored all the enticing looking curriculums that were for sale, embracing unschooling philosophies instead. I searched for books I thought the children would be interested in, then let them choose those they wanted. We brought a few board games and a bubble kit too, which were popular this afternoon after a Minecraft play date with some friends.

This weekend we are building a new fence, going to a hands on Ocean Explorers event, reading our way through some of our new books and keeping an eye on Heather.

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