A Proliferation of Projects

1. Mealworm larvae, 2. Owlet candle kit, 3. Bugs, books, paint and science on the kitchen table, 4. Medieval catapult model, 5. Painting egg shells, 6. Egg shell mosaic, 7. Painting (mosaic hanging on the wall), 8. Dinosaurs, a Rhino and a Robot

We do not lack for projects in this house! At times they come straight from the imaginations of my children, while other times I have Pinterest to thank for the inspiration. Kits and pets are highly prized among my three children, be it STEMbox, Lego boost or Mealworm larvae (future chicken food). 

I read so much about followin your children's passions in order to homschool successfully, and I worrried they wouldn't have any and we would end up doing nothing. Ha! By spending time with them, knowing them, noticing their interests, I am able to find and suggest projects that suit their curiosity. They don't have to do them. They don't have to join in. Like recommending a movie you loved to a friend, their is no pressure or expectation, just a desire to share something you have enjoyed. And what a feast there is out there to enjoy!

What projects have you been working on lately?

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