Happy days

Our first egg!
Broken bird egg shells found in the yard 
 Part of my reading pile - Shakespeare and Latin
 Master 8's reading - Awfully Ancient 
 Miss Five's first horse riding lesson 

The chickens are free ranging around the back yard, my eldest child is reading inside and the youngest two are playing on the trampoline while I sit on the back stairs and write this post. It has been a day of excitement. First, the chickens gifted us their first egg! What a lovely surprise to start our morning. We have been trying to be patient as we waited for them to start laying. But until today we have left empty handed each time we checked the nesting boxes. This morning, with no fanfare, there was an egg sitting in the bottom of the coop. 

Secondly, Miss Five had her first horse riding lesson today. She is our nature and horse loving girl, this one, whose favourite animal is of course the horse. After a couple of lead pony ride sessions in the past, Emerson was determined to learn how to ride a horse. As I watched today she had either a look of concentration on her face, or joy, as she climbed atop the saddle, learn how to turn, go, stop, trot, balance and turn around in the saddle. I do believe we will be booking her in for a whole term of riding next year - on top of her swimming lessons, and Master Eight's jujitsu and golf lessons. 

In other news there is much reading happening in the house as always. Cohen is currently obsessed with all things Minecraft and is devouring Minecraft related books. Awfully Ancient books have also hit the mark, with colourful cartoons and gruesome historic facts, they are an eight year old boys dream come true. Meanwhile, Mama is reading all about Shakespeare and Latin, and writing our the homeschool programs for our first year. I shall have to share some of the resources we will be/ are using in another post, as there are so many great ones out there and I am constantly discovering more that I am adding to a list for future use.

Eggs, horses and books. Happy days!

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