Make Every Bird Count

 Catching tadpoles

 Spot the Keelback snake between the rocks
 Our latest pets - tadpoles in a styrofoam box

We took part in our first 'Bird Count' for Bird Life Australia today, the largest citizen science study in Australia. Friends joined us at a local park to count the bird life and enjoy some time outdoors. The children's interest was rather quickly diverted by the large number of tadpoles nearby, and then by a water snake. 

Still, we managed to get our first count under our belts, observe a snake swimming, praise said children for observing the snake and reporting it to an adult, and bring a jar full of tadpoles home to observe.

As the sun began to set this afternoon, my children and chickens free ranged in the backyard, and I completed another bird count. I felt such a sense of contentment and happiness that surely only children, chicken, sunset and birdwatching can bring. xx


Take 20 minutes this week to count the birds and take part in the study by downloading the app, and find your own joy and calm while helping with Australian bird conservation.

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