Art, science, nature

  1. Magic light, 2. Deadheading the deck flowers, 3. Studying Van Gogh, 4 - 6. STEMbox, 7. Nature box exchange

Anything art, science or nature related is sure to pique my children's interest. And should it be a hands-on activity you best join in our jump out of the way! Lately, we have been adoring the collection of Van Gogh books at our local library and the free Van Gogh resources you can print online. We have brought Science Putty and Magnetic Putty, and they have been loved and fought over and experimented with in equal measure. Another STEMbox arrived, and the children and I were equally fascinated by the magnetic experiments. And, our Spring nature exchange box, through Nature Lovers, arrived and has been proudly brought out to show each visitor the handknit joey pouch, the beautiful photographs our wildlife carer partners have cared for, and the information printed on the reverse of each.

What a feast of learning we have all around us. And how inspiring it is to see it through the curious eyes of a child. xx

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