Yarn Love

This week the postman brought me four of skeins of pickle and co fibres delicious hand dyed wool. Oh, navy, yellow white and grey! The perfect colours for a toddler blanket for my twin sister's baby. The parcel has been sitting in my workshop, admired by all who have visited. And after appreciating the softness of the skeins for a few days (and staring at them lovingly), I finally wound the grey into a ball and have cast on. 

I was reminded of the day that there was a huge storm in the City and I couldn't get back to my car, nor drive in the crazy rain at any rate. I'd gone in alone to visit the art gallery, and it was there I waited out the wild weather. Beforehand, as the grey clouds had gathered and the wind blew hints of the trouble to come, I had wandered through a craft market on my way to the gallery. It was here I first saw pickle and co fibres and met the lovely Marnie. As we chatted we realised that the graphic designer who created her logo was the same who had created my catalogue. We talked yarn and jewellery. I drooled over her wares. And while I sat in the gallery cafe later with a cup of tea, watching the rain pound the outside world, I hoped she and her yarn had managed to stay dry.

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