Down by the river

1. Logan River, 2. A watchful Magpie Lark, 3. Snacks, nature journals, and paints, 4. Mama's journal entry in progress. 5. A curious magpie, 6. Miss Five, 7. Master Eight, 8. Splash! Throwing rocks into the river, 9. Blue Billygoat Weed (Ageratum Houstonianum), 10. Pink is her favourite colour, 11. Down by the river, 11. Fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis)

'Never be within doors when you can rightly be without.' - Charlotte Mason

Today we shook off the school day by exploring beside the Logan River. With a bag packed with fruit, water, our nature journals, paints, pens, pencils, field guides, butterfly net, insect containers and my camera, we kept ourselves entertained for a pleasant hour.

We explored the river bank, observing insects and plants and making note of each bird we saw. I sat and sketched the pretty purple and yellow weeds, and Emerson joined me, capturing the Blue Billygoat Weed with her felt pens. The boys waved the butterfly net by the bank with no real luck - only a couple of mosquitos. Proof to them though that such insects live by the water. The more we looked out for birds, the more we saw. First a Kingfisher speeding low over the water, a Magpie Lark keeping watch from a tree, some hopeful Myna's looking for food, a friendly Magpie, then Lorikeets, Ibis, Swallows, a Butcher Bird, Little Black Cormorant, Wood Ducks, Crows and a Willy Wagtail living up to it's name as it swished and hopped across the grass. Splashing rocks into the water was also a popular sport for all three children.

 A wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

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