Open Garden

This past weekend I participated in my first open garden as part of the Logan Food Gardeners Group which I found on Facebook through a friend. This month many keen gardeners visited the President's gorgeous garden and took part in a giveaway table - crammed with seeds, seedlings, pots, fruit and jars, an insightful meeting and a guided garden tour. I missed much of the wisdom imparted during the tour, as my little two made friends and were off exploring, keen to share their discoveries with me. Still, I was awed by the numerous selections of fruit, veggies, nuts and wildlife that the garden supported as well as the various methods involved, and felt incredibly inspired to get home and get to work in my own garden! What an awesome experience it was to explore such a productive garden, the result of passion, research and hard work.  

I spent the rest of the afternoon pottering around in my own garden, planting out seedlings, marking out a new garden, moving the compost bin and daydreaming about possibilities.

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