Clay Critters

Emerson, 5 years - koala and bird
Cohen, 8 years - scorpion
Mama's bugs

This past weekend the children and I took part in a Bazil Grumble clay critters workshop for free at Karawatha Forest. Any excuse to get my children outside and creating art! We had a wonderful time - taking a nature walk (and playing in the playground), watching Grant create sample artworks and share clay working techniques, then putting our found items to use to create our own clay critters complete with stick legs and leaf wings. Master three spent equal amounts of time doing his own thing and then joining in the clay play, before heading off to the environment center to learn about recycling and take a birds eye view of the forest via a clever interactive film. While the bigger two were quite pleased with their clay creations, which currently have pride of place in their bedrooms.

I think this is such a great idea and one that anyone could recreate with their own children. I'm so pleased to have stumbled upon the Brisbane City Council Active Parks programs, and will be keeping an eye out for their future offerings. 

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