On such a windy day

1 - 7, At the Strawberry farm, 8. Ready to make jam, 9 & 10. A great poster and book we brought at the museum

This morning, I could well have stayed in my pyjamas and pottered around the house, as the wind whirled and whistled outside our windows. But it is strawberry season! And I would feel remiss if we did not make at least one visit to the strawberry farm to pick our share in the patch. Our hats blew away over the rows of strawberries as we picked and wandered happily. There was strawberry ice cream to tempt the children back out of the patch, and while they hovered between the playground and our table, I started sketching strawberries in my nature journal, attempting to weigh everything down to prevent it from blowing away! Miss Five joined me to draw a treasure map and Master Eight examined a tiny spider that had been found crawling across my sketch book, while my sweet toddler was content with slippery slide and sand pit. Before we left, our butterfly net was waved around by small, excited hands, and three insects joined us on our homeward journey.

This afternoon Master Eight and I visited the Qld Museum to participate in a Behind the Scenes tour of the collections stores. From expanses of social history items to pinned and preserved natural specimens, we wandered through the secure sections with our guides and learned about the history of the museum and the precious objects housed within. For instance, only 3% of their collection is able to be exhibited at one time, and with items usually being on display for a period of 5 years, it would take 2,500 years to get through each item they currently own - and more items are added daily!

What a lovely day indeed, complete with 2 kg of strawberries now hulled and frozen ready for jam making, if the children don't eat them all first... 

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