Nature Journaling

1. Emmy's nature journaling, inspired by this, 2. Everyone working on their art - Oscar with his hand in a cup! 3. My nature journal - Coptic pens and watercolour, 4. Emmy's poster paint rainbows, 5. Cohen's Banksia, 6. Finished

Ever since my first born was small, we have both casually kept a nature journal. We brought it with us on nature walks and holidays, collecting leaves, flowers and seed pods to observe and draw. We'd include the date and a note about what we found and where. Recently, I found a Facebook group dedicated to Charlotte Mason Nature Journaling for homeschoolers. I was looking for ways to extend the learning my children achieve at school, and find a common activity we all enjoy, and I was reminded of our nature journals. (I was also trying to convince my husband that we should homeschool our children, but that is another story!)

Yesterday, while Cohen was on an adventure with Dada on a boat and exploring islands, the little two and I went to an art supply store to stock up on pens and paint. Cohen brought home some Banksia from his outing, the perfect thing to kick start out nature journaling again. I stayed up past my bedtime last night, working on my drawings, enjoying every single moment of sketching and problem solving how to capture such unusual forms. I sat down to finish it this morning and the children joined me at the table without invitation and began their own creations. I love this lead by example approach. There is no pressure or expectation, no need for perfection, just a chance to be together, create and learn. This is an activity I would like to try on a weekly basis. I already can't wait to find my next specimen!

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