1. Dear old teddy has made it to the mending pile, 2. My favourite Emily Martin print, 3. Mr three is currently obsessed with cars and scooters, 4 & 5. Winter flowers, 6. Helping build the chicken coop, 7. Pollen hunters.

If I had a dollar for everytime my children said, Mum, this weekend...
Or each time one intentionally annoyed or provoked the other...
Or even each time I had to repeat myself when talking to them.

And yet, all the money in the world couldn't replace this morning, when my three-year-old climbed into bed with us and said, 'Mama, I love you', for the first time.
Or the way that Miss five says 'bizert' instead of dessert.
Or the way Master eight compliments me on whatever I am wearing.

Ah, my babies. What would I do without them? xx

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