Early Spring Cleaning

1. Crocheting cotton washers, 2. Blueberry flowers, 3 & 4. In the laundry, 5. Pretties, 6. Our entry. 7. Porcelain bangles by Philippa A Taylor - my wedding anniversary gift.

When Dave asked my plans for today he misinterpreted my 'laundry' response to mean I was going to Spring clean the laundry, rather than that I was going to wash and fold the clothes. He seemed so pleased with this idea I decided to go along with it. Yes, um, of course that is what I meant. The things we do for love. ;)

Our poor laundry was looking particularly slovenly - a drop off point for bits and pieces without a home, plus a pile of cushions, woolens and hand washing that has been awaiting attention. It actually felt good to give it a thorough clean, move the machines out of the way in order to sweep and dust, then organise all the necessities as I washed my way through the awaiting pile of clothes and blankets.

In honor of my clean laundry (and in-keeping with Plastic Free July), I picked up an extra (plastic free) laundry basket, a peg tin (our small cane basket was unraveling) and a galvanized metal bucket (all from Target), as our old plastic bucket was broken. I tore up an old worn sheet into cleaning cloths and found a vintage hand embroidered table cloth with moth holes to adorn the washing machine. I even potted up a basil that had self sown in our concrete path.

Already, my clean new space is more pleasant to spend time in. Which I'm hoping may help with keeping the laundry for five people up to date...

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