Night visitor

1. A piece of geranium I hope takes root - and oh that pretty Winter light, 2. Experiments in growing pineapple, 3. Parsley pesto from the garden - YUM!, 4. New flowers for the front garden, which I am slowly filling with plants, 5&6. Magic tree day one and day two.

We have a very hungry visitor of the possum variety who visits most nights. Crawling along the cable to our roof, she sneaks on to our back deck to munch on cat biscuits or steal from the compost bowl yet to be emptied. The cat takes no notice of her, wise enough I suppose to leave well enough alone. 

My husband is none too keen on this arrangement, preferring we don't feed the local wildlife, (and secretly a little scared of such critters I believe.) The children and I often watch her, and I have been known to leave apple cores and bunches of grapes on the bend of our drain pipe for her, which seem to be gladly received. I'm quite fond of our little visitor, so long as she stays outside.  I assume it is a 'her', for a few times we have seen a baby possum accompanying her. 

I'm comforted to see native animals living alongside us in suburbia as we raise our families together.

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