Mundane Happiness

1. Banana cake, 2. Precious moments, 3. Flowers grown from seed by Cohen, 4. Homemade crackers, 5. Gleanings from the garden, 5. Kale, cherry tomato and mushroom mini quiche.

I tackled the children's bedrooms on the weekend. A challenge to be sure, and one relatable to many a parent. Oh, how children attract 'stuff', and how woe they are to part with it! Wrappers, cards, tiny plastic toys, scraps of paper, and hundreds of pieces of Lego hiding in every nook and unexpected cranny.  

So, while my mini-hoarders were scooting around Kangaroo Point with their father, I was sorting 'keep', 'donate' and 'rubbish' piles in their bedrooms. I culled books. Sorted Lego. Moved furniture. Donated clothes. And clutched tissues thanks to the dust. The children were so pleased to not have to do any of it themselves, and how terribly satisfying it was to see the piles grow and the rooms de-clutter. 

With their newly clean and sorted rooms came a sense of lightness. Of tasks tackled. Obstacles overcome. Dreaded tasks accomplished! What joy to realise I would no longer need to pick those departed items up ever again. The sense of failing I had been feeling lifted as I took in the clean rooms, tidy laundry and attended garden. My little stuff-attractors oohed and ahhed at their orderly spaces upon return, and played happily on their clothing-free floors, with loving threats to keep their rooms clean.

Now, on to the kitchen...


  1. Yes, love that feeling when I've had a big clean and sort out...a sort of tranquil joy. Good luck with the kitchen :)

    1. I love that term, tranquil joy, sums it up so fittingly! The kitchen is still waiting alas, all that paperwork and jewellery work are keeping me busy, as is making more mess in the kitchen! :)