Balance and juggling

1. A bounty of pears and dried roses, 2. When you find a furry friend on you in the garden, 3 & 4. Making half a batch of Lemon cordial, 5. A gorgeous gift of pottery ring cones in the mail from Two Warm Hands for Christina Lowry Designs

Today I felt like I haven't been quite nailing anything recently. That there aren't enough hours in the day to be slow and mindful, mother to my best ability, work well in my business, teach my children, keep house and be creative. 

When I focus on one, the others suffer, when I focus on all, nothing feels well done. The eternal juggle. Sometimes I fell like I joyfully have all the plates spinning at once, and sometimes, to confuse metaphors, I feel I have disappointingly dropped the ball. Or several balls. 

And so it goes. Balance is so fleeting. One can do everything, just not at once. 

I just have to keep reminding myself and count my blessings. xx

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