Free Fridays

 1 & 2. 'Floragings' - floral foragings found whilst out walking, 3. Wax Geraldton flowers, 4. More thrifted jars, 5. Free Friday's flowers and herbs, 6. This week's reading pile.

When my Mother was growing up she said they couldn't often afford to buy fruit, but that it didn't matter, as everyone in the neighbourhood had fruit trees and they all shared. They all knew who had what. That house had lemons and mangoes, that one avocado, that house had pawpaws. And the fruit was traded between them. I love this idea! 

When I grew several huge watermelons one year, I trundled them up and down the street, sharing them with the neighbours. Recently, I read Margaret Simonds lovely book, 'Six Square Meters', in which she mentioned cutting back her lavender bush and leaving the cuttings on the sidewalk for people to take. At once sharing with her neighbourhood, but also ensuring she did not have to dispose of them!

So, last Friday, I set out an odd collection of jars, teapots and vases filled with water and a sign saying 'Free', and filled each container with parsley and lavender. Many parents walk past our house to pick up their school children, and before the sun had set, each string tied collection of loveliness had been taken. This week I repeated the offering, adding Camelia and rosemary. Again, these gifts from my garden were gladly received and only the empty containers remained.

A positive result of this little offering is that I have spoken with parents who have previously walked past daily but that I'd had no excuse to speak to. I have noticed that the children are the most excited partakers. Diving in while their parent hangs back and then warms to the idea. I also feel more a part of my community. And there is a sense of joy and satisfaction that comes with sharing what one has grown.

I intend to keep putting out these floral gifts each Friday, which will change with the season, and I hope that others will be inspired to join in and do the same. xx

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