Simple Inspiration

1. Drying roses, 2. The first of the camellias to be brought inside, 3. Spilling my tea leaves, 4. The camellias outdoors, 5. Park play concentration, 6. Roses from my beloved, 7. Library goodness, 8. Balcony flowers, 9. Jars perfect for candle making, reduced to fifty cents each, 10. Our dear cat George, 11. Shelfie

I borrowed quite a lovely stack of books from the library this week. I'm revisiting Rhonda's 'Down to Earth' simple living bible. (I did have a signed copy, but I lent it to someone and it has taken on a journey of its own.) I found her latest book too, 'The Simple Home', which I have been dipping into when I have some quiet time in the afternoons. The children and I also borrowed several books about bees and beekeeping, inspired by our new house guests, and they have been sharing interesting bee facts with me as a result.

Between the piles of books I have been inspired to make some beautiful and practical items from scratch for our home and as Christmas gifts - beeswax candles, lip balm and cold pressed soap and more crochet cotton washers. I placed an order for wicks, a thermometer and soap moulds today. I also found five discounted jars at our local variety shop that will be perfect for candles.

Given that Christmas is the busiest time for my business, I am starting early.

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