Making, baking and growing

 1. Homemade Strawberry jam, 2. $6 sunflowers (must grow some myself, again), 3. Snacks and homework, 4. Our Mulberry tree reaching for the clouds, 5. Double choc biscuits destined for lunchboxes, 6. Stunning white orchids from a friend.

I am enjoying this new online space as an excuse to celebrate all that is simple, beautiful and homely in our lives. It is a joy to pick up my camera and capture the corners of my home, the makings and learnings, the general goings on. I am reminded of all that we achieve in our day to day, about what it means to make a house a home, about creating childhood memories and traditions. 

In freezing these little moments and painting this picture, I will have a window to look back through in the years to come, when so much will no doubt have changed. I will have a record for my children. An online album full of memories. What a pleasing thought. 

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