Inside & Outside

1. Tomatoes ready to be made into sauce, 2. Homemade cocoa playdough, 3. Playdough play, 4. Weighing strawberries to make jam. 5. Potted colour for the balcony. 6- 8. Cubby house play. 9. Chicken Coup Progress!!! 10. Pretty leaves. 11. George the cat, 12. Looking up.

I felt a pang of sadness as I made my first cup of tea of the day. Tomorrow school returns, and while at times over the past fortnight I have welcomed the thought, this morning I wanted nothing more than to make the most of a pottering home day with my babes. 

Together we made cocoa scented playdough, which Dada mistook for cookie dough later in the fridge! We spent time in the garden picking tomatoes and snow peas, planting seeds and working on the chicken coop. The scent of honey from the hive was carried on the breeze as I weeded and watered the veggie patch. I got the house in order, the laundry up to date and 1.5kg of strawberries made into jam - with two little ones eager to 'help' by licking the spoons once I was done.  

I'm feeling satisfied this evening with all our hard work, and find myself wishing we had another Sunday with more of the same before school resumes...

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