Running Away to the Country

When I joked with my husband that he may not recognise us, as his business has been so busy and his hours so long, he suggested we take a break away with the children. After barely surviving my last camping trip with them I agreed so long as we stayed in a house. I managed to find the perfect one over the border in Crabbes Creek.

An old home on a cattle farm, Casa Ciani. I decided on the very first day that I never wanted to leave. The view out the kitchen window of cows grazing was so calming, the grass so lush, the creeks so interesting to explore and everywhere I looked another idyllic view. I quickly made myself at home and spent hours each day walking, exploring, taking photos and reading. I collected nature treasures and sketched in my nature journal. It was bliss.

It made my Mama heart sing to see my little ones connecting with nature. They overcame their fear of cows by spending time with them. The cows were more of afraid of them and would run in the opposite direction if the children got too close. They tested themselves in nature, climbing and rock hopping and feeling proud of their accomplishments. They splashed in puddles, ran around in the rain and sat in the creek fully clothed! They watched the sunset, watched a storm roll in and lightning light up the heavy grey clouds. They delighted over the rainbow that appeared. They named the cows, swung on the tree swing, fed the chickens, and Emmy drew in her nature journal. The littlest two shared a bed. The littlest one still climbed into our bed in the middle of the night, and the other two joined him in the morning for snuggle time.

I was sad to pull the door closed behind me for the last time, but I came home feeling like I had refilled my cup and was reenergised to shift my focus towards home.

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