Carnival of Flowers

I am usually a 'less is more' kinda girl, unless there are flowers involved, then the more the merrier! I have a modest cut flower garden that allows me to bring flowers into the house throughout the year and curb the expense of buying flowers on a weekly basis. But, oh my, the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers has increased my cut flower garden ambitions greatly. 

Having never been before, the displays were a surprisingly colourful contrast to the dry fields we passed on the way up the mountain. The masses of flowers were such a delight to the senses, and the bees were rather delighted too. We explored the lookout and Queens Park, which was only a slither of what was on display. We had hoped to see more, but the needs of hot, tired children are ignored at your peril. 

The next time we visit I am imaging a mid-week stay to avoid the crowds and take advantage of the cool of the morning and late afternoon. 

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