All is well

The garden has been calling to me, reminding me that I am needed. The barren beds, the abundant weeds, the ripening tomatoes and the empty pot plants. I surveyed the blooming pink camelia, the wandering passionfruit vine, the fragrant lavender, the spent roses, the ghost of the mulberry tree - bare branches reaching into grey skies, the clumps of strawberry leaves, the new shoots on the lemon tree. I answered the call with a visit to a farm-like produce store yesterday and a flea market today. 

My pants are dirty at the knee, my fingernails retain traces of soil, empty pots are piled up in the shed and empty seed packets adorn the bin. And new life has been brought to my garden. A lilly pilly plant for jam, a Mathew Flinders bottlebrush for the birds, gooseberries, gerbera, strawberries, beetroot, lettuce, broccolini, spinach, carrot, peas, beans, cress, azalea, lavender and pansies. The beds are weeded, the lawn rid of dandelions and prickles. All feels well in the world.

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  1. That looks like an amazing Produce Store. Also the fabric on her dress/tunic is to die for...... did you sew it?