Since we began homeschooling one of my goals has been to spend an hour a day out in 'nature' with the children. It doesn't seem too difficult a task, and yet, the days still fly by and too often we don't manage it. There will be time spent in the back yard, or at horse riding lessons, or on the jujitsu mat. But there is work, groceries, library visits, play dates, pyjama days. Actual free time in nature is more of a weekly than daily occurrence. And yet, I continue to strive for it. 

There is so much to be learnt by spending time outdoors. About oneself as much as about the world around us. We have two spots we visit often, taking mental note of the changes wrought by the seasons, the ebb and flow of the water, the appearance of wildlife.

Recently we walked around our local duck pond once more and noticed a green tree snake, the dappled light of the sun through the trees, the slender neck of an egret. I was inspired to keep striving. xx

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