October Days

1. Jacaranda flower carpet, 2. Kinetic sand toddler play, 3. Air dry clay bowls made by Miss Five and Master Three as Christmas gifts - still to be painted, though Mama is loving them all white, 4. Blueberries taking a teasingly long time to ripen

The days have just rolled by lately. The blur of school holidays, the return to school and finding our rhythm again, working in my business. There have been many full days, but even more beautiful moments. You know the ones you want to hold tight to? And you find yourself wishing you could take a photo with your heart, to truly remember how it felt as you stroked your toddler's hair while reading him a story. Or listened to your daughter's joyful story about her morning of riding and grooming miniature horses. Or the pride you felt that brought you to tears when she overcame her fear of swimming and got in the pool. Or the other hundreds of little moments that make the sulking, squabbling and ignoring bearable. Still, this Mama's heart is already pretty full with all my love for my three little/big people.


PS: I brought home six chickens yesterday! They are settling in now and quite shy. No doubt there will be many photos of them gracing my blog soon. xx

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