Books, flowers and yarn

I think three keys to happiness must surely be fresh flowers on the table to brighten up any day. A pile of books that you can't wait to read. And a project that you can watch grow stitch by stitch.

This week it is warm coloured poppies. Crinkly and colourful. This week I am reading about Charlotte Mason and The Danish Way of Parenting. Home education and re-framing. This week I am reading aloud two chapters a night of Little House on the Prairie to my eight and five year old as they snuggle in the big bed either side of me. And this week, I am alternating between crocheting a pale grey shawl for myself, and knitting a simple garter stitch colour block blanket for my nephew. Appreciating the quiet moments, however long they last, and knowing that a little each day is all that is needed to create something full of love and meaning.

May you also have flowers, books and a satisfying project to bring you happiness this week. xx

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