Preserving Moments

 1. Six little Cumquats / Kumquats, 2. Found while walking, 3. Slicing, 4. In sugar syrup, 5. Draining, 6. Candied Cumquats, 7. Cutting and baking pear chips, 8. Meanwhile, one sleeping toddler.

 After school drop off this morning, the toddler and I set to work on our to do list. His list seemed to consist of scooter riding, jumping on the trampoline, digging holes and having me pretend to fix his cars pretend flat tyre several times. My list included the usual - dishes, laundry and tidying - as well as a spot of preserving pears and kumquats and finishing the last of my paperwork.

We both managed to cross everything off our lists, but only one of us managed to squeeze in a nap.

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