School holidays

1. Collecting pretty pebbles, 2. Toilet paper roll butterflies, 3. A pretty leaf, 4. Emerson's feather crown, 5. Prep crafts, 6. A pipe cleaner cat, 7. Pipe cleaner play, 8. My book worm.

I love stay-cations during school holidays. Two weeks with no real plans. Bliss! 

While I do love to go away, there is always so much to do at home, and as a natural homebody, I am never bored. This first week there has been a delightful amount of long pyjama mornings, crafting, bushwalks, backyard play, playdates, op-shopping, reading and baking. I've been making time to get away to the jewellery bench and chip away at my to-do list, so as not to feel too overwhelmed by the continual stream of work and the lack of hours in the day. I have also been making time to sit with the children and join them in their activities, encouraging them through the difficulties of the stages they are each experiencing.

While I love having them home, and always look forward to the holidays, there certainly are ups and downs each day. Sibling rivalry, heightened emotions, unpleasant behaviour. Kindness, creativity, connected play. Never ending laundry, dishes and requests for food. When things feel difficult, my twin sister is only a phone call away, and offers sage advice, sympathy and encouragement to allow me to be the parent I want to be. Even if this means calling her several times a day! Mothering is beautiful and DIFFICULT. A few of my mantras are - just love them; they are not giving you a hard time, they are having a hard time; and this too shall pass.

 It certainly takes a village to raise a child, let alone three. But I'd still have a fourth if my husband would let me...

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