Babes In Linen - Testimonial

“Christina is an absolute joy to work with and has such a beautiful eye for detail. I am a new small business owner and talking with Christina about the direction of Babes in Linen and how I wanted the bedding to be visually presented, she offered sound advice and ideas. Christina just knew how to capture what I was thinking. She is a great listener not to mention a very good business mentor too. After speaking with her I sent off a few bags of bedding from my linen range and Christina worked her styling magic. Within days I had photos. The most beautiful photos that were tastefully styled in settings that I had only ever dreamed of. Photos that showed the colours of the linen in true form and with such clarity. Christina is a brilliant photographer but she is also a great thinker and resourcer of props and shoot locations. I am so pleased that I get to work with her and look forward to what is to come. I suggest you do the same.”
Veronica Lang
Founder & Owner

Beenleigh Historical Village

Sometimes a Mama needs a break to follow her passions without the tug of motherhood and the needs of three homeschooled children to distract her. As much as I do so love my little people, a little absence can make the heart grow fonder, in both directions. So, Sunday I left my little darlings with their Dada while I took my camera and tripod and wandered from building to building at the Beenleigh Historical Village.

There is such a strange mix of eras on display. I enjoyed quietly walking around and inspecting the items saved from the past, full of stories. As I looked for light and adjusted my settings, I refilled my cup and came home to children who were so pleased to see me it felt like I had been gone for days rather than hours.


I've added a few of these to my portfolio. 

Portfolio Update

I've taken so many photos of late, that I am updating my portfolio. Pop over for a look!

Homelea Lass Photo Shoot

Client: Homelea Lass
Model + H&MU: Caroline
Location: My Bespoke Cabin, Mount Crosby

“I’m absolutely overjoyed with the photos Christina did for Homelea Lass. She captured the essence of my brand perfectly and her style is earthy, natural and beautiful. Communicating with Christina is a joy and the photoshoot was easy to arrange.” Lynda Rennick, Homelea Lass