Wax dipped candles

We've been burning through so many candles this Winter. The children's nightlights keep running out of batteries or requiring new bulbs, and out of necessity, I reached for candles. Now they love to fall asleep by candlelight, while I love to burn candles now and then throughout the day. (There's nothing quite like sitting at the table with a cup of tea, a burning candle and my nature journal.) 

I love making things for our home and have tried making candles before with beeswax from a friend's beehive. I learnt the hard way that there is a specific ratio of wick thickness to jar size. Alas, my chosen wicks were not thick enough, so a puddle of wax would quickly extinguish the flame. I still had the premade wicks and wax in the cupboard, so today I tried my hand at wax dipped candles.

Though lumpy and 'rustic' looking these candles burn with success! And smell beautiful. As my wicks were pre-cut, I couldn't dip them two at a time and hang them to dry as one is supposed to. Instead, I lay them on wax proof paper`to cool and I dipped my way through them all in rotation. At least we now have a supply of candles, and I am keen on buying a length of wick and trying again.

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